X Men Abilities from Wrongness to Strongness

In the film of the same name, X Men are a fictional team of mutants that have super human powers.

What if they are not fictional? What if I was to tell you that you have super human powers. Would you think I was crazy?

Let me explain…..

As beings here on the earth we are all the intrinsically different. We all have capacities, skills that are unique to each of us. Yet, if another person does not understand our ability or capacity or if it doesn’t fit in with societies construction of normal it is then labelled as wrong.

When my son who is now 23 was little he had the most incredible physical strength, way way beyond that of a ‘normal’ 2 year old. The displays of his physical strength were phenomenal. He smashed lots of cots and had to be put into a bed. He then used to pull the mattress off his bed and head butt the bed base until it smashed. He pulled wardrobes over and so much more.

What I came to realise was that he was super aware. His need to keep shaking and banging his head was to stop the voices, to stop his awareness of all the molecules in the universe from communicating with him. Then my beautiful, bright little boy retreated. He stopped communicating and retreated inside his body, his protective shell.

Doctors diagnosed him as being Autistic. Health visitors, community nurses etc told me he would stay this way. “He won’t walk, talk, blah, bah blah…..”

I refused to give up on him. I knew there had to be a way in which he could live in this world and still be him. The X Men films had not even been made in 1996 but if I had had a access to a school for gifted youngsters I would have done everything in my power to send him there.

Fast forward 20 plus years and my son is a totally amazing young man. He can do all the things that I was told he would never do and so much more. He has a capacity for hearing, reading or watching something and then simply knowing how it works. He recently rebuilt and replaced an engine in a car. He is not a mechanic and has never had any training and yet he did it.

Now I know not everyone reading this may be able to rebuild a car, but just stop for a moment and think about what talents and abilities you do have….

Do you think of someone and then the phone rings and its them or you bump into them in the street? Do you sense pain in other people bodies? Are you able to communicate in multiple languages? Are you aware of entities? Do you have prophetic dreams? Or have you cut off  your strongness because society view it as a wrongness?

My beautiful and amazing friend Diva Diaz is facilitating a 3 Day X Men class, 21st-23rd July in Manchester, UK . This class will also be live streamed across the world so you can watch it wherever you may be.

Day 1: ‘The Beginning of a different Possibility’

Days 2 & 3: ‘Disabilities or Abilities’

If you, your child or family member has been given a label and you are looking to move beyond that and to embrace their strongness then this is the class for you.

You can find out more information or book you place on HERE


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