Tools to help when the s**t hits the fan!

I am sure we have all had one of those moments when it would appear that the proverbial s**t has his the fan and everything is going wrong and you really require some help.

Well I had one of those moments this week. If the clock had been reversed 6 years I would have had a total meltdown and been a total stress head.

My little boy has had an ongoing issue with his bowels and has had to be admitted to hospital this week. At the same time as he was being admitted my daughter and my husband both came down with a bug and were poorly in bed and I had a diary full of client appointments.

I must admit for a brief period I did go into overwhelm and then I remembered that my thoughts create my reality and that I could choose something different and these are the amazing tools that I have to completely change the outcome.

Who does it belong too? 99.9% of all our thoughts feelings and emotions do not actually belong to us. We are so super aware that we perceive what is going on for other people and just presume that it is ours. So I asked the question ‘who does this belong too?’ and realised my sense of overwhelm actually belonged to my son who was very nervous and anxious about being admitted to hospital.

I asked for the space of me. This may seem like a strange thing to ask for but in asking to have the space of me I allowed my energetic body to expand and was totally present with everything that was occurring and with no judgement just complete allowance and willingness to receive all information that was required. Asking this gave my body so much peace and ease.

Finally I asked ‘what else was possible’ and  ‘who or what could contribute to me?’ By staying in the question and not jumping to conclusion I was allowing different possibilities to come to fruition and that is exactly what happened.

The phone rang and one of my clients asked if she could reschedule. The hospital didn’t have a bed available straight away so my son was not getting admitted until the afternoon and then my father in law came to look after everyone at home while I went to work.

All ease, joy and glory.

If my fixed point of view had been that nothing else was possible and that I had to do it all alone then no doubt that would have been the outcome. Using the simple questions above created a whole new space and resulted in stress free and harmonious day.

My daughter and husband are both much better now and my son is still in the hospital as I write this post but is receiving lots of healing both holistic and medical and will hopefully be home by the weekend or early next week.

If you would like to find out how the tools of Access Consciousness® can assist you or your family please get in touch for your free 15 minute consultation.

Ease, Joy and blessings



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