The Pleasure of Business

I was recently asked the following questions, ‘Can you truly have pleasure in business with no prior business training?’ and ‘Why did you chose to do start a business when you had no previous experience of running a business?’

These simple questions opened up a Pandoras Box for me.

My work is my passion. Creating ease in peoples bodies and lives brings me so much satisfaction and to witness the change in clients health and wellbeing is truly a gift beyond words and yet I don’t have any specific business training. My degree at University was in Criminolgy not Business and Marketing. The training I did as a therapist was undertaken along side my job as a Care Manager and I have  continued to expand my professional qualifications whilst running my own business.

So even though I started my business through sheer determination and passion I have had to learn business skills along side offering my treatments, training courses and my own professional training.

At first learning the skills and techniques of marketing and promotion for my business was challenging. Different social media platforms, networking, graphic design, virtual visibility, websites, blogs, newsletters etc etc. I would like to tell you that learning ‘business & marketing’ was a total breeze for me but that would not be true. However all that changed when I met Christine McIver and business became pleasurable for me when she introduced me to, The Pleasure of Business Al La Carte.

Christine is a Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Possibilities Coach, Author and Radio Personality. She runs her own radio network, Inspired Choices. Christine has a proven background in Business Management and Human Resources and with her no nonsense, straight talking approach to business, life and living she totally inspired me to new possibilities with my business and the way I live my life.

Christine developed the most extraordinary program for marketing and developing your business. The Pleasure of Business Al La Carte. If you are new to business and marketing you can purchase the entire 24 week program. However, this unique program stands out from the crowd as it allows you to opt in and learn the areas that you require to develop for your business. Putting you in the creative driving seat for your business. How does it get any better than that?

The program works with you to find, have and create pleasure within your business. No matter where you are at with your business; thinking of starting a business, changing your business, or expanding what you have already created…this program will contribute to that. The great thing about this program is you totally get to choose!
You can choose all 24 weeks, a month or 3, or individual weeks. Totally and completely a la carte.
What does your business desire? What do you require? Where would you like to have step-by-step, live hands on support? Do you know that learning, playing and growing your business can be pleasurable?
The Pleasure of Business A LA Carte will surprise you with topics such as:
Meet Yourself in the Boardroom
Money, Services, & You
Expand Your Visibility
Mastering the Art of Manipulation
The Pleasure of Communication
The Pleasure of Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn
That’s 24 weeks, weekly zoom video calls, audio recordings, PDF of each class & Facebook Page
What Will You Receive During this Program:
* Pleasure, Structure, Accountability, Ease, Systems, Judgement Free
* Make Your Business Your Pleasure Partner in Creating Your Business
* Learn to Speak to & Listen to Your Business
* Step Beyond the Excuses & Limitations in All Areas of Your Business
* Learn Hands-On Social Media
* Implement All Aspects of Business Tools; Bio, Profiles, Newsletter
* Social Media Platforms, On-line Store, Advertising Plus Much More!
* Learn to Value Your Business Greater
* Have Fun & Pleasure Creating Your Business
* Take Action to Generate Money

You can read all about the topics on Christine’s website here:

If you have any questions, please email Christine directly at

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