Tarot reading

The history of the Tarot is steeped in mystery, however, it is thought the first use of the Tarot cards was in a game called Les Tarots. In later years the Tarot was used for divination. In 1909 Artist Pamela Coleman-Smith was commissioned to illustrated a full deck of 78 Tarot cards by Arthur Edward Waite. This was the first time the 56 Minor Arcana cards had pictures. Over the years there have been many variations upon the images in the Tarot. It is now possible to purchase a plethora of beautiful and artistic Tarot cards. What is fascinating is the symbolism within the Tarot, they are not just pretty pictures but a combination of Astrology and Numerology with links to the Tree of Life, Ascended Masters, Angels and the Kabbalah. I was drawn to the Tarot from from a young age but coming from a strict Catholic background I never pursued my interest. However over the years I have visited many Psychics and Mediums and was always told that I should pick up my cards again. Since embarking on a spiritual path I now find great joy in my Tarot cards and use them daily as a source of guidance and divination.

A private Tarot session costs: £ 50,-