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Inner Child: What Things Do You Do To Find Your Inner Child?

Have you lost or forgotten about your inner child?

Who decides when childhood ends and adulthood begin?

When does it stop becoming acceptable to dance and sing as you walk around the shops, or to slide down a banister, jump in a puddle, play on the swings or run the wrong way up a slide?

inner child doesn't grow old

As we approach Christmas it is the perfect time to release your inner child, have some fun and release any inhibitions that you may have.

So getting into the festive spirit I thought I would share with you some of the things I like to do to release my inner child….

Going to see a pantomime. If you feel silly going by yourself take your grandchildren, niece/nephew or go along with friends who have children and if you are really stuck, I will come. I love the panto season, “Oh yes I do.” In fact I love the panto so much that when I married my husband on 27th December 2013 we all went to the panto after the registry service.  

When I wrap Christmas presents I drive my friends crazy as I wrap presents in layers, like a pass the parcel. I put little things in HUGE boxes or I put lots of glitter and sparkles in, so when they open them it snows glitter. 

If we get snow, I adore having a snowball fight or building an Igloo with a snowman to keep guard. 

No snow? No problem. We are never short of rain in the UK and I have the snazziest pair of red wellies which are perfect for jumping in puddles and paddling in mud.

I adore Christmas lights that go up in towns and villages all over the country. Check your local papers for details of Christmas events near you.

Get the board games out and invite friends round for an ‘old school’ evening of fun, away from computers and technology. One of my favourite games is Charades and is pretty much guaranteed to get everyone laughing, especially, if like me, you can’t act for toffee.

Colouring in has never been more popular and is the ideal way to reconnect with your inner child. You can buy adult colouring books in most shops and there are lots of free ones you can download. I have Mandala and Spirit Animal colouring books. They are so therapeutic and I highly recommend giving them a whirl. 

Having a family movie night. My favourites are the Disney Classics, watching these brings back lots of cherished childhood memories but my husband adores Monsters Inc and Despicable Me. It is so great to see him giggle and at times belly laughing at the on screen antics. (just don’t tell him I have let his secret slip haha)

Laughter is one of the best medicines and it is free. Laughing releases the feel good endorphins and lowers your blood pressure.

We are adults a long time, so I say bring out your inner child to play and put a smile in your heart and on your face.

spirit of childhood