No Resolutions Just Positive Intentions

How are your New Year resolutions coming along?

Are you still going to the gym? Stopped smoking or stuck to the healthy eating plan?

Well done and massive congratulations if you have committed to your resolutions, whatever they may be.

However many people fall off the resolution wagon before the end of January. Life just seems to get in the way with stresses, illness, work and so on. 

Many years ago I decided to ditch the New Year Resolutions as if I didn’t stick to them I felt like I had failed and let myself as well as other people down. 

What I decided was that I would have a positive affirmation and set positive intentions but not for the whole year ahead. I broke it down and decided to just focus on the week ahead. One week at a time.

Positive intentions are fabulous. Each week I set myself an intention based on what I want to attract into my life and what I want to achieve. These positive intentions can be as simple as making sure at some point in the week I have some quality ‘me’ time for a long walk or peaceful bubble bath. Or it can be that I set the intention I will achieve a week of healthy eating or walk 10.000 steps a day for 7 days.

If I want to achieve something more difficult then I break that down to fit into my weekly intentions. Setting my intentions in small bite size manageable tasks means that I am more likely to accomplish them and therefore boost my self confidence and promote the feel good hormones.

One other thing that I find vitally important is my mantra. I use Mantras daily to help me feel calm, promote positive thinking and for manifesting all my desires. 

Why not try setting yourself some positive intentions and use a mantra to help with focus and mindset.

Below are a few of my favourite mantras. I hope you find them useful.

Love and blessings for a happy healthy, peaceful, positive and abundant year to you all.

Theresa xxxxSetting positive intentions

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