I am not a qualified medical professional and therefore Crystal Cottage does not provide medical assistance or offer diagnosis. Complimentary therapies are not an alternative to professional medical advice and services. Always seek the advice from a medical professional or qualified health provider regarding any medical conditions or concerns.

Reiki is an alternative healing practice and it should NEVER replace the care and advice of your doctor. Reiki is a wonderful non invasive treatment and compliments medical treatments.

If you suffer or feel you might suffer from any medical, psychological, or emotional issues, please consult with a licensed medical professional. If in doubt always ask your doctor.

Animal Reiki is a complementary therapy and should never be used in place of veterinary advice.

When using motivational quotes, pictures and providing information, I will always endeavour to state the source of the material as recognition and thanks to the author/artist/etc. At times this is not always possible as information may not be available or information from the internet may be incorrect. If anyone identifies their work please contact me and I will update my information to show the correct source.

All Tarot and Oracle readings are available for people age 18 and over. Any information given in readings should not be seen as an alternative to professional legal or medical advice. Readings are strictly for entertainment purposes and I cannot be held legally responsible for any decisions you may chose to take following a reading.

This disclaimer is acknowledging that this website is for informational purposes ONLY and the owners of it will not be held responsible for actions taken as a result of the information on this website. You are solely responsible for your use of these techniques, whether it’s for yourself or on behalf of someone else. We disclaim any liability for your use of these techniques or any information provided in this website.

Many thanks Theresa Finnigan – Crystal Cottage

That said there are thousands of people out there that can testament to the wonderful healing and enriching power of Reiki. Judge for yourself!