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Never Give Up, Never Give In, Never Quit…

Never Give Up, Never Give In, Never Quit…
Where do you give in, give up or quit in your life, living, business? When you read these words what do they mean to you?
For me I thought, oh that doesnt apply to me. I don’t give up, give in or quit at anything. After all I raised 2 children on my own, then went to university to do a degree when I was 34. I gave birth to twins at 38 and set up my own business when I was 43. I’m am motivated, ambitious, creative, love learning new skills and out-creating myself so surely asking me where i give up, give in or quit is a mute point, or is it???
Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness® asks….. If no one could stop you what could you create?
WOW!!! This question made me stop and think. I began to realise just how much I stop myself due to the projections, expectations, judgements and fear of rejection from other people.
One of the biggest justifications I use to stop myself from creating and expanding my life and business is fear of letting other people down.  All the what if’s…….. what if I fail? What if I am not good enough? What if I can’t do it on time? What if people don’t like it? etc etc.  
These are crazy points of view to have and as I looked at the energy that came up in my world I could see so many places where I had given up, given in or quit and yet I totally perceive that it is not just me who limits themselves due to these factors.
Where do you limit or stop your creation? Is it time to choose something different and go beyond all the places that you stop yourself for whatever justification you have?
Gary Douglas has a 3 part tele-call starting on the 12th April

This 3-part telecall with Gary Douglas will empower you to know that you can create anything you desire and give you the tools to get this reality to work for you.

If no one could stop you what could you create?


Tools to help when the s**t hits the fan!

I am sure we have all had one of those moments when it would appear that the proverbial s**t has his the fan and everything is going wrong and you really require some help.

Well I had one of those moments this week. If the clock had been reversed 6 years I would have had a total meltdown and been a total stress head.

My little boy has had an ongoing issue with his bowels and has had to be admitted to hospital this week. At the same time as he was being admitted my daughter and my husband both came down with a bug and were poorly in bed and I had a diary full of client appointments.

I must admit for a brief period I did go into overwhelm and then I remembered that my thoughts create my reality and that I could choose something different and these are the amazing tools that I have to completely change the outcome.

Who does it belong too? 99.9% of all our thoughts feelings and emotions do not actually belong to us. We are so super aware that we perceive what is going on for other people and just presume that it is ours. So I asked the question ‘who does this belong too?’ and realised my sense of overwhelm actually belonged to my son who was very nervous and anxious about being admitted to hospital.

I asked for the space of me. This may seem like a strange thing to ask for but in asking to have the space of me I allowed my energetic body to expand and was totally present with everything that was occurring and with no judgement just complete allowance and willingness to receive all information that was required. Asking this gave my body so much peace and ease.

Finally I asked ‘what else was possible’ and  ‘who or what could contribute to me?’ By staying in the question and not jumping to conclusion I was allowing different possibilities to come to fruition and that is exactly what happened.

The phone rang and one of my clients asked if she could reschedule. The hospital didn’t have a bed available straight away so my son was not getting admitted until the afternoon and then my father in law came to look after everyone at home while I went to work.

All ease, joy and glory.

If my fixed point of view had been that nothing else was possible and that I had to do it all alone then no doubt that would have been the outcome. Using the simple questions above created a whole new space and resulted in stress free and harmonious day.

My daughter and husband are both much better now and my son is still in the hospital as I write this post but is receiving lots of healing both holistic and medical and will hopefully be home by the weekend or early next week.

If you would like to find out how the tools of Access Consciousness® can assist you or your family please get in touch for your free 15 minute consultation.

Ease, Joy and blessings



X Men Abilities from Wrongness to Strongness

In the film of the same name, X Men are a fictional team of mutants that have super human powers.

What if they are not fictional? What if I was to tell you that you have super human powers. Would you think I was crazy?

Let me explain…..

As beings here on the earth we are all the intrinsically different. We all have capacities, skills that are unique to each of us. Yet, if another person does not understand our ability or capacity or if it doesn’t fit in with societies construction of normal it is then labelled as wrong.

When my son who is now 23 was little he had the most incredible physical strength, way way beyond that of a ‘normal’ 2 year old. The displays of his physical strength were phenomenal. He smashed lots of cots and had to be put into a bed. He then used to pull the mattress off his bed and head butt the bed base until it smashed. He pulled wardrobes over and so much more.

What I came to realise was that he was super aware. His need to keep shaking and banging his head was to stop the voices, to stop his awareness of all the molecules in the universe from communicating with him. Then my beautiful, bright little boy retreated. He stopped communicating and retreated inside his body, his protective shell.

Doctors diagnosed him as being Autistic. Health visitors, community nurses etc told me he would stay this way. “He won’t walk, talk, blah, bah blah…..”

I refused to give up on him. I knew there had to be a way in which he could live in this world and still be him. The X Men films had not even been made in 1996 but if I had had a access to a school for gifted youngsters I would have done everything in my power to send him there.

Fast forward 20 plus years and my son is a totally amazing young man. He can do all the things that I was told he would never do and so much more. He has a capacity for hearing, reading or watching something and then simply knowing how it works. He recently rebuilt and replaced an engine in a car. He is not a mechanic and has never had any training and yet he did it.

Now I know not everyone reading this may be able to rebuild a car, but just stop for a moment and think about what talents and abilities you do have….

Do you think of someone and then the phone rings and its them or you bump into them in the street? Do you sense pain in other people bodies? Are you able to communicate in multiple languages? Are you aware of entities? Do you have prophetic dreams? Or have you cut off  your strongness because society view it as a wrongness?

My beautiful and amazing friend Diva Diaz is facilitating a 3 Day X Men class, 21st-23rd July in Manchester, UK . This class will also be live streamed across the world so you can watch it wherever you may be.

Day 1: ‘The Beginning of a different Possibility’

Days 2 & 3: ‘Disabilities or Abilities’

If you, your child or family member has been given a label and you are looking to move beyond that and to embrace their strongness then this is the class for you.

You can find out more information or book you place on HERE


The Pleasure of Business

I was recently asked the following questions, ‘Can you truly have pleasure in business with no prior business training?’ and ‘Why did you chose to do start a business when you had no previous experience of running a business?’

These simple questions opened up a Pandoras Box for me.

My work is my passion. Creating ease in peoples bodies and lives brings me so much satisfaction and to witness the change in clients health and wellbeing is truly a gift beyond words and yet I don’t have any specific business training. My degree at University was in Criminolgy not Business and Marketing. The training I did as a therapist was undertaken along side my job as a Care Manager and I have  continued to expand my professional qualifications whilst running my own business.

So even though I started my business through sheer determination and passion I have had to learn business skills along side offering my treatments, training courses and my own professional training.

At first learning the skills and techniques of marketing and promotion for my business was challenging. Different social media platforms, networking, graphic design, virtual visibility, websites, blogs, newsletters etc etc. I would like to tell you that learning ‘business & marketing’ was a total breeze for me but that would not be true. However all that changed when I met Christine McIver and business became pleasurable for me when she introduced me to, The Pleasure of Business Al La Carte.

Christine is a Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Possibilities Coach, Author and Radio Personality. She runs her own radio network, Inspired Choices. Christine has a proven background in Business Management and Human Resources and with her no nonsense, straight talking approach to business, life and living she totally inspired me to new possibilities with my business and the way I live my life.

Christine developed the most extraordinary program for marketing and developing your business. The Pleasure of Business Al La Carte. If you are new to business and marketing you can purchase the entire 24 week program. However, this unique program stands out from the crowd as it allows you to opt in and learn the areas that you require to develop for your business. Putting you in the creative driving seat for your business. How does it get any better than that?

The program works with you to find, have and create pleasure within your business. No matter where you are at with your business; thinking of starting a business, changing your business, or expanding what you have already created…this program will contribute to that. The great thing about this program is you totally get to choose!
You can choose all 24 weeks, a month or 3, or individual weeks. Totally and completely a la carte.
What does your business desire? What do you require? Where would you like to have step-by-step, live hands on support? Do you know that learning, playing and growing your business can be pleasurable?
The Pleasure of Business A LA Carte will surprise you with topics such as:
Meet Yourself in the Boardroom
Money, Services, & You
Expand Your Visibility
Mastering the Art of Manipulation
The Pleasure of Communication
The Pleasure of Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn
That’s 24 weeks, weekly zoom video calls, audio recordings, PDF of each class & Facebook Page
What Will You Receive During this Program:
* Pleasure, Structure, Accountability, Ease, Systems, Judgement Free
* Make Your Business Your Pleasure Partner in Creating Your Business
* Learn to Speak to & Listen to Your Business
* Step Beyond the Excuses & Limitations in All Areas of Your Business
* Learn Hands-On Social Media
* Implement All Aspects of Business Tools; Bio, Profiles, Newsletter
* Social Media Platforms, On-line Store, Advertising Plus Much More!
* Learn to Value Your Business Greater
* Have Fun & Pleasure Creating Your Business
* Take Action to Generate Money

You can read all about the topics on Christine’s website here: www.inspiredchoices.ca

If you have any questions, please email Christine directly at christine@inspiredchoices.ca

Christmas Insanity

Have you bought into the insanity of “OMG I’ve sooooo much to do for Christmas?” 🎄I am laughing to myself as i write this as I actually started to buy into the craziness myself but thankfully I have some amazing tools that prevented this.

In the days of Christmas past I was SUPER organised!!! Lists a plenty,everything in its place I’m sure you get the picture.

This Christmas…… CHAOS reigns!

Mrs Santa (aka me) hasn’t been proper pressie shopping yet, and it is Christmas Eve a week today! I have no Christmas food bought, the chocolate orange matchmakers I bought weeks ago to ‘save’ jumped into my mouth😂 There have been hardly any cards written and none posted as yet.

This is all due to the fact my whole house has been upside down as my amazing husband has re decorated every room and we have had new flooring fitted and I’ve not been around much as Ive been busy with work and I was away changing my body and my reality in the Right Body For You class with Donnielle Carter and then the 3 Day Body Class with Vladica Djordjevic. You can check out these awesome facilitators and the classes they are creating at www.accessconsciousness.com

Yesterday my sister phoned me in a total stress as the shops were so busy, nothing in stock she wanted blah blah blah. I thought ‘oh no!!! it’s Christmas next week why I have I left everything what am I going to do?!?’

Enter the tools of Access Consciousness and my favourite question at the moment “who does this belong too? Is it mine? Is it someone else’s?” Ahhhh clarity. My body lightened up. These feelings do not belong to me, they are not mine, phew! (when something is true for you it lightens up the feelings in your body)

So this morning instead of shopping in the hustle and bustle and instead of spending hours on the internet I did things the old fashioned way….

I picked up the phone, rang a couple of shops and spoke to real people!!! Not just automated voices or internet chat!!!

Not only were the people incredibly helpful I have all my Christmas gifts sorted and with a discount.

All I need to do is go and pick then up. Yay 💕🎄💕

If, as in previous years I had bought into the pressure and insanity that comes at Christmas I would have been organised but stressed to hell, totally worn out and I’d have spent a fortune.

However due to the chaos that has been going on in my life with re decorating the whole house, floors being fitted etc etc I’ve actually created a totally different outcome. My house looks gorgeous, I’ve got all the gifts sorted in a couple of easy phone calls, I actually saved money and I’m not stressed or totally worn out. How does it get any better than that?

At this time or year when there is so much pressure for everything to be perfect and to have everything in order it is easy to buy into the high emotions and believe that it’s actually you who is stressed.

Why not try the simple tool I suggested and see what lightens up in your world.

If you would like to know more about using the awesome tools of Access Consciousness to change your reality then drop me a message. Im creating new classes all the time and could create one near you.

On a final note I would like to share something I’ve been playing with over the last week or so. When I’ve been out and about I have wished random strangers ‘Merry Christmas’ or given them a big smile. It is so easy to bring a little joy into the life of someone else and just think if we all do this what change could we create on this beautiful planet of ours.

Wishing you all ease, joy and glory

Theresa xxx

Silence Is Golden

I was sat in the Tyneside Cinema Cafe pondering what I should write about in this months blog. The cinema screen which plays in the background was showing the black and white silent movie, Dracula. I was mesmerised and completely drawn in as I was watching the actors and imagining their converstaions based upon the visual interactions with each other.

As I became drawn into this visual world of silence my mobile bleeped, alerting me of a notification. The silence was shattered and the moment lost.

I was actually really upset by the intrusion however it got me thinking about just how connected everyone is in todays modern society. How often do we get to experience silence?

The old adage “silence is golden” has never been more relevant and is nowadays a rare commodity. One of the reasons for this is because it if we turn our phone off or heaven forbid leave the house without it we panic that no one will be able to reach us in an emergency, or that we will miss something important in the Facebook, Twitter and other social media news-feeds. This leaves us all constantly connected in one form or another.

Modern technology is incredible, it enhances life in so many areas and connects family and friends across the globe in ways that just a few years ago would never have been possible. Technology has freed us from many manual labour tasks, however, instead of this giving us more relaxation and family time it has sucked us in and so many of us (me included) are now shackled to our phones, tablets and other gadgets.

Silence enables us to become connected to our inner thoughts, feelings and emotions. Being still and sitting in silence is therapeutic and being able to obtain inner silence is a great meditation technique.

Silence is golden

It may be difficult at first to switch off, both the technology and your mind but the benefits of accomplishing this can greatly enhance your life.

Spending just a little time in a silent environment can reduce anxiety and stress causing endorphins and lower blood pressure.

Experiencing silence can boost your immune system, increase mental alertness and cognitive abilities. These benefits are due to the bodies own amazing natural healing system which is at its most effective when the body is at rest and relaxed.

So, how do we obtain silence? The obvious answer is to switch off the technology. Try it for 30 minutes a day, or if that sounds too hard, start by doing just 5 or 10 minutes a day. Doing this can provide external silence so that you can then focus on finding inner peace, tranquility and silence.

To assist with finding inner silence, find a quiet place where you can relax wether that is somewhere to sit, lay down or even going for a walk outside with nature. Try sitting and just allowing your thoughts to come and then go until the mind reaches the still point. Once you have mastered this you can then then do some deep breathing exercises, in through your nose and out through your mouth. This will expand your lungs and relax and calm the body inducing a state of meditation. As you relax enjoy the stillness, remember silence is golden but also good for your health.

There are many ways to achieve a meditative state. Sign up for the Crystal Cottage Newsletter and receive my Easy Guide to Meditating with simple methods to learn meditation techniques.easy-guide-to-meditating

Love and blessings

Theresa xxx

Every cloud has a ‘silver lining’

Wow, where have the last few months gone?

Whatever you do don’t blink or it will be Christmas, hehe.

Seriously though it is unbelievable how quickly time seems to whizz by as I get oldeirand also how quickly things can change. Even the best laid out plans, as I found out this summer.

At the beginning of the summer I was surrounded by boxes ready to move house and start a new adventure. Everything was set and then out of the blue all my plans fell apart.

Due to circumstances out of my control I had to remain living in my current house and start unpacking boxes and putting things back together.

I had a major wobble, questioned everything, including my spirituality and my sanity. However as the old saying goes… every cloud has a silver lining.

Once I found my ‘silver lining’ I was able to make sense out of the chaos and see the bigger plan that the Universe has in store for me and my family.

It hasn’t been an easy few months but the period of craziness has certainly helped me in many ways. I have a massive clear out. Things I have hung onto for far too long have no been donated to charity (there was no way I was ever going to be able to wear the 6″ stiletto heels that were soooooo pretty but totally impractical) I have realised just how important certain people are in my life and I have re evaluated what I want out of life and where I want to be and I have learnt not to take things for granted.

A lady said to me this week that sometimes you need to be shown exactly what you don’t want in order to realise exactly what you do want. This is very true and applicable to the last few months of my life.

So when life throws a curve ball in your direction, try and take a step back. Look at the situation or circumstances objectively and search for the ‘silver lining’ I promise it will be there, even if it takes a while for you to find it.

Love and blessings

Theresa xxx

When all seems lost remember thatEVERYclouds has a SILVER LIONING

Attitude of Gratitude

Life can be hectic and stressful, therefore it is easy to overlook the small daily gifts within our life and only be grateful for what is out of the ordinary.

However, giving gratitude for everything we have in life is essential. If we take the daily blessings for granted we end up pandering to our ego and the universe responds accordingly.


Utilising the attitude of gratitude can assist us on the rollercoaster of life. If you ever feel as if everything is going against you, take a step back and look at all the positive things that you have in your life…

You are alive, you can breathe, run, jump, sing, shout, have access to health care systems, running water, drainage, food.  Open your eyes, ears and heart to the beauty of things that surround you, the sun and the clouds in the sky, the moon and the stars at night, bird song, children’s laughter

Living life with an attitude of gratitude opens you up to endless possibilities. The law of Attraction states what we put out to the Universe is returned to us. Positive thought will be rewarded and the balance shifts so more of what you are grateful for enters your life. Positivity breeds positivity. How fantastic is that! 

So, here is a challenge for you. For the next 7 days I would like you to take a few moments each morning or evening and thank the Universe for 5 things that you have in your life.

Write the 5 things down in a notebook. The action of writing down what you are grateful for further empowers your gratitude. Try to find 5 different things each time you write in your notebook so you are not repeating the same thing. At the end of the week you should have 35 things written in your book.

Then for the next 14 days read through your list at least once a day. Take the time to read it out loud or write the whole list out again each day.

Giving thanks and acknowledging what blessings you have is very empowering. After 21 days notice how the flow of abundance, joy and gratitude coming to you has increased.



Remember the simple act of saying ‘Thank You’ can light up another persons day.

Let me know how you all get on.

Love and Crystal Blessings xxx