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Meet Theresa

Theresa is dedicated to helping other people, this is one of her greatest passions in life.

Her desire is to make holistic therapies accessible to all people so they can experience the benefits of therapeutic treatments to health and well-being.

Theresa provides treatments from her therapy centre at Barmoor, Ryton, Gateshead. Theresa also offers a mobile service and can travel to you at home or your place of work, nursing, residential homes and hospitals.

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How Can I Help You?

As the human race has evolved our bodies have become resilient to many conventional medicines and treatments for common ailments. This has led to a resurgence in holistic therapies as people seek different ways of maintaining good health and being free from pain.

These therapies are not new fangled ideas. They can be traced back 1,000s of years to traditional healing practices from cultures all over the world. All holistic therapies have a common theme and that is the care of our inner self.

Todays modern lifestyles see us trying to squeeze more and more into our lives but in doing so we neglect ourselves. Between the school run, work, karate class, dance class, cooking and cleaning there is very little time left for us to focus solely on ourselves. When we do get the time we inevitably feel guilty because there is a pile of ironing or other work that could be getting done. Pressure, pressure, pressure!

It is this pressure that then leads to stress, migraines, aches and pains, sleeping issues, etc. We can paint a face for the world to see and mask the niggles our body gives us but there comes a time when we actually need to look at the way we live our lives and think about our inner peace and happiness. It is when we do this that the body can start the healing process.

The feeling of rejuvenation my clients talk about after having a treatment is what makes my job as a therapist so worthwhile. We all deserve to nourish our inner souls. When we are fit, healthy and happy this radiates out from us. Not only do we feel this but others around us do too.

I specialise in a range of holistic therapies all of which nourish mind, body and soul. As a Reiki Master Teacher, certified training in Usui Reiki and other forms of energy healing is also available.

Please take your time and peruse the website and feel free to contact me so I can help find the most beneficial treatment or package for you.

Let me help you find the peace within,

Theresa xxx

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